Business visa for Icelandic citizens

Vietnam draws the most excellent attention from Icelandic businesses in Southeast Asia, based on the significant increase in economic statistics relating to Iceland’s exports to Vietnam during the past several years. The government and Icelandic companies hold Vietnam in the highest regard and view this market as the ideal location for conducting trade promotion operations.

The Vietnamese government has proposed making it easier for Icelandic residents to apply for a business visa to facilitate collaboration and growth between the two nations. Now, Icelandic citizens may obtain a Vietnam visa swiftly by registering for an invitation letter and getting a visa stamp at the airport.

This will reduce the time required for preparation, submission, and waiting for a response from the Diplomatic Mission of Vietnam in Iceland. The cost of obtaining a business visa has been dramatically lowered, and the acceptance rate and duration of stay in Vietnam have also been increased. This is an excellent beginning for the two nations’ growing partnerships and investment industries.

The maximum length of stay for Icelandic citizens in Vietnam on a business visa is 12 months. Once this term expires, those who wish to continue residing in Vietnam can learn more about visa extension processes.

Source: Vietnam Immigration Department – Ministry of Public Security

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